Top 5 Online Auction Websites

The online auction space is now a billion-dollar industry. Over the years, this sector has grown a lot. More people are finding it convenient to bid for their antiques and collectables online rather than on traditional auction houses.

Apart from antiques and collectables, people also buy equipment, furniture, vehicles, and other things from these online auction sites. Here are some of the best online auction sites you will find today.


This is one of the biggest and most popular online auction sites today. The site is free for buyers. People can stay well protected from any fraudulent activity. The good news is that you can buy or sell on eBay from many countries.

This site was launched in 1995 and since then it has grabbed the attention of many people who like to get the best deal through auctions. On eBay, you can buy and sell collectables, antiques, art, electronics, furniture, and many other things. There are many options for the sellers that allow them to list many products.

This is one of the best sites for the real estate auction. From this site, people can buy foreclosed and bank-owned homes. The bids can start at as low as $1. The deals close quickly, in weeks, and so you can buy a house faster than other methods.

On this site, you can get access to the photos of local properties to help you decide which property you want to buy. You can download a mobile app for this site, thus making things easier. This site lists properties of about 50 states in the U.S.

Before bidding for a house, the buyer must secure financing. They need to deposit the earnest money within 24 hours of auction close and the amount is usually 5% of the sale value.


This site is best for buying autos and the site is operated in 11 countries. You can buy autos or auto parts from here. The product will be shipped to you. The site has many listings and so the buyer has a lot of options to choose from.

Thousands of vehicles are available on this site. The listings have good product descriptions and photos. The conditions of the autos are mentioned too. You can determine the shipping cost automatically from the site. You need to deposit 10% of the bid amount for being a basic member of the site. If you have a premier membership, then the deposit amount is only $400.


You can buy luxury or collector items from this site. The site maintains a very high-quality standard as it serves a premium customer base. This auction site also offers financing options. You can buy and sell in various categories including art, jewelry, antiques, wine, and more. To sell here you need to provide the description, picture, and history of the items.

These auction sites are trusted by people and many buyers and sellers have been members of these sites for years. You will get high-quality products here.