Bulgaria Will Have Its Own Louvre Abu Dhabi-Like Museum

The great-listed building of the Telephone Palace in Sofia, Bulgaria will be completely renovated and transformed into a museum. This is a large-scale project that has been discussed for quite some time now. Before the start of the reconstruction work, the initiators of the project had to receive an official building permit which allows them to change the status, the purpose, and the use of the iconic building. The main person behind this project is the Bulgarian businessman and owner of the largest collection of ancient treasures Vasil Bozhkov.

Back in July this year, the Chief Architect of Sofia Metropolitan Municipality Zdravko Zdravkov issued the building permit. It took some time before the license came into force and later on, on the 29th of July, it finally set the work going. According to the project plan, the reconstruction work will include transformation of the roof into a mansard floor and construction of underground-level parking lots. At the moment, the building encompasses 13 400 square meters and additional 3,000 square meters dedicated to the underground area. This space will be widened and another 4.5 meters will be added to the underground area.

Set to become a new cultural beacon, the future museum at the Telephone Palace will offer a completely new and more interactive experience of art, history, culture, and technology. Bringing all these things together, the museum will provide a more comprehensive understanding of Bulgaria, its ancient treasures, and plenty of historical events that happened on its territory over the years. Visitors will be able to enjoy lectures on various topics, they will see holograms, and will look at artefacts projected in 3D format.

The private museum is said to be unparalleled on the Balkans and very often the scale of the project makes it comparable to the Louvre in Abu Dhabi. The transformed Telephone Palace will have several gallery halls on different levels. There will be all types of exhibitions – from fine art and
contemporary displays of paintings to remarkable expositions of rare archaeological discoveries and artefacts that once belonged to great ancient civilizations. Among the most prominent expositions will be that of the famous Vasil Bozhkov Collection.